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Monday, 1 August 2005
Barbie and Pencil boxes
8/1/2005 3:31 PM

Strangely, many memories from my youth are arising. This morning I woke up from a semi-deep sleep, that is, I felt as though I was thinking of present day concerns even while sleeping therefore I woke up with those concerns on my mind, and thought of pencil boxes and Barbie boxes. In 4th grade, I remember having a small joke with one of my classmates, I think her name was Jennifer Hall. A girl who had straight bright blonde hair which was cut short in 5th grade and dramatically changed her look to childish. She was a bit more mature then me yet generally soft spoken. At lunch we would make fun of each other because of our lunchboxes. Hers was a magenta color with a green handle and looked much like a box to hold pencils. My box was girly pink and had a picture of a Barbie on it and a shimmery reflective mirror which she stood next to. We actually had a bit of an argument goings as to the fact that her box looked just like a pencil box, but she disagreed. I argued that that my box may be pink but it was too small to be a box where one puts her Barbies. She always spoke in a non-excited voice, unlike myself, who liked to be active and jumpy in arguments. She spoke at an even-tone and as she pushed her argument through the conversation. Considering that as one reached 4th and 5th grade it was childish to play with Barbies. Anyway, in my 5th grade year book, she wrote “Do you still have your Barbie box? I still have my pencil box.” Simple, but meaningful. She was never really my friend, but the exchanging of this inside joke somehow kept us linked as acquaintances. This situation reminds me of a situation, during 4th grade, when a boy named Bret, put “creepy crawlers” (rubber-like insects) in my lunchbox for a secret Santa project the class engaged in.

I rarely think of my past because I’m constantly chasing new ideas and ambitions, but when I can remember these small moments that fill my past I feel a sense of peace and calm. In the process of reflection I slow my lifestyle pace and allow myself to think without any pressure to DO something with that memory but simply relive it.

Posted by zineworld2000 at 12:01 AM EDT

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