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AOL 5.0 Zines

"The Zine World"

through the eyes of a former editor

The Zines

A Girlz World
  Issue 4

IOT (If Only Through) Emerald Eyes

The Editor's Headquarters

The Java Cafe

Destiny's Waterfalls


Zines I worked for:




Zine Blog




Welcome to the world of zines!

There was a time a few years ago when a prevalence of America Online "zines" or online magazines existed, and I was part what was called: The Zine World which meant that it was cyberspace related and seperate from the "real World" or material people and glossy magazines. 

These zines were created though basically text-only and were rather creative considering almost no graphics were used - since graphics, at that time, took minutes, instead of seconds, to load, and broadbrand or cable internet was not yet available.  This website is a showcase of my zines, and a look back in AOL and internet history. 

We had a group of highly dedicated editors, include those of Backstreet Backpack, Rockstar...

My younger brother is now even creating this own paper magazine.  It must run in the family...

The journey began in  1999 and ended in about 2001



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