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"I Hate High school"

Advice for the so-called geek, antisocial, outcast, achiever, and the one who just doesn't think s/he belongs

Opening Note

Having been in high school only two years ago, I remember well my days of antisocial behavior, the strange signs of my being an outcast, and my simply not belonging. Am I still that way now? Not at all.  How? Hard work and self discovery. 


To Whom I can relate and advise

  • Those who are driven to accomplish but have no motivation or support to do so. 
  • Those who tend to be quiet and shy, but want not to be so solitary
  • Those who get decent or excellent grades, but don't care to socialize
  • Those who do not want to go to college
  • Those who do want to attend college, but are afraid to


Why do I have this web page online?

Because you are not alone in your struggle to fit in during high school, nor are you any less a person because you do not conform to society or your peers.  Reality is, many or even most adolescents (teenagers), do not enjoy high school...until it's over.  Others, party and decide not to study, as well as end up in struggling of dropping out of college. 


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