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Newsletter #5

Lyrics for all Emotions*~*
Hottie of Week*~*Movie Review*~*
Horoscopes *~*Advice~*~
*~*Poems/Stories*~*Skin Buzz*~* Make-Overs
Make-Up Mayhem*~*Tress Tips*~*
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How would you rate Backtreet Boys' MUSIC?
ONE STAR(their music sucks)-- 16%
Two Stars-
Three Stars-
Four stars-
FIVE STARS-- (love their music)-

Hottie of the Week

Lyrics for all Emotions
Are you feeling
down, or just kinda in the mood for some good music? Well this is a song called "Slam Dunk the Funk" by 5IVE that's their new single, I hope you hear this funky song soon, but here are the lyrics:

Five bad boys with the power to rock you
Blowing your mind so you gotta get into
Five, whatcha waiting four if you wanna
Three three
Two two
One let's do it

Do you wanna get freaky
when the five of us make one

You gotta push the good vibe on
If you really wanna feel it

Got da flava in my song
But I really need to know

Do you wanna get down
Do you wanna get funky

Do you wanna get down
Get on down

Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk
(put it up)

You gotta shoot, pass, slam baby time to set it off
I'll be up, up away, above the rim and hook a shot
Ally oop, baby, whoop, there it is and now I gotcha

Three seconds left, it's just enuff for me to rock ya
Now check it, how I flip it rock a beat 'cause

I get with it and everybody wants to be the man
with a hey, yippee yo yippee four quarter slam
everybody grab a party and just get on down

Do you wanna get down
Do you wanna get funky
Do you wanna get down
Get on down

You wanna know what hits you like a fork lift truck
We got J, AB, Rich, Sean and Scott rocking the extra
Curricular ladies love particular fella
Who knock da meter get the boom shake regular
Five bad boys, honey no, we don't quit til we hit
The rebound sound with a kick
So come on everybody, everybody in tune
As I boomshake n' rock a body
Gimme room
Clap your hands
Stamp your feet
Push it in, pull it out to the beat

(Repeat Until End)


Now Playing
What movies are playing now that are sure to catch your eye, well here's a list of the great movies playing now or will be playing very soon!

Notting Hill
The 13th Floor
The Spy Who Shagged Me
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Wild Wild West



Want your daily horoscopes, well....CLICK the link below

Advice Column
I dong have a columnist for this one yet, but I will put in a question then u may e-mail this person and send hem an answer
If u'd like to do this column click here
Here is the question:
I like this guy name Anthony.  He's really sweet and funny.  But he has a girlfriend.  I see him on some weekdays and weekends.  Anthony told one of his friends(which is also mine) that he thought I was pretty.  Now I really wanna ask for this number but he acts shy around me which makes me shy.  Do you think he likes me?  What should I do.
Also I don't go to his middle school and I won't be going to his high school?  What do I do to see him more??  Write back, thanks 
-Miss Don't know what to do

If u know the answer e-mail it Right Here

Skin Buzz

Send if your Skin Care Questions Here-->  skin care question

Make-Up Mayhem
Is it imposible to look real with make-up on?
Ofcourse not!
So listen up
Make-Up Quick Tips:

Dont get caught in a rut having the
same make-up look day after day.  Change your face and explore what you can be with make-up, here are some make-up Looks to try:


Fairy GodMother Make-Overs


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