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Febuary 8th, 2000
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# .1 :@:.<:--- Editor's Entry

I know the layouts are kinda simple and somewhat alike but
too complicated layouts don't really work well and they are
hard to make-so I try to keep is simple. 


# .2 :@:.<:--- Ad Relations
Send in your ads!


( Y )         ( Y )         ( Y )         ( Y )    
                                     (>';'<)      (>';'<)     (>';'<)      (>';'<)
   ("  )_(  ")  ("  )_(  ")  ("  )_(  ")   ("  )_(  ")
snowbunny magazine
we won't claim we're totally original, but
we try our best to get as close as we  
can, with kickin' editors 7 days a week,
each with their own individual flavour.   
bounce away
become an editor

*First issue comin' soon!* 


Your Reviews:
The bunnies are cute, but they've got to go.  The main part of the
ad is awesome, but I think the links should be a little smaller and
"first issue coming soon" should be smaller too.

Saying your zine is not original is not going to attract a lot of
subscribers...and who would want to if they can't read the font or the
bunnies in this ad? Rating: 3/10

I really like this ad. The bunnies are cute. and I like way the spelled
flavor. The English way. Although it says what its about, it doesn't say
what the content is. It tells you that they will be different. so that kinda
helps but not much. 7.5|10         

Okay get rid of the snowbunny's you can like not see them plus
they're out of place.  I hate size 10 so use font size 9 LOL.  The colors
go good for a snowbunny type thing except for the purple and maybe
the black could be lighter color.  You need to tell what's in the zine! 6/10     

My Review:
This ad is really cute.  I love the little bunnies at top, but I think they
should be aligned with the title, and they would look so much better
if the blue was slightly darker-more noticable.  I like the idea that
they didn't use a bunch of colors and I like how the title is in Lucida
Handwrting.  I think it could use just one more light color, a darker blue, some highlighted words and the links all in one line. 

   (Y) (Y)   (Y)    (Y)
(>';'<)      (>';'<)       (>';'<) (>';'<)
(* )_( *)      (* )_( *)    (* )_( *)    (* )_( *) 

we won't claim we're totally origional, but
we try our best to get as close as we  
can, with kickin' editors 7 days a week,
  each with their own
individual flavour
bounce away -  become an editor


My Revamp:  I darkened the color of the blue and made the bunnies
smaller.  I also added a little more color to the ad (but not much) and
made the links smaller.  It really didn't need much work but this is what
it's come to be. Comment on my revamp




# .3 :@:.<:--- Zine Layouts
send in your layouts! - more layouts NEEDED

Column header: COLUMN   * nite klub 
I think it's really plain and kinda boring and I really don't think that the
name of the zine (nite klub) is nessessary to put next to the column
name. But then again,it looks kinda good with the column so it ain't
all bad.  I personally don't like the colors but they look good with the
layout so I'll give it a 

I think the lettering looks pretty good.  The colors don't quite match but the font, font size and font is what I really like.   8/10

Divider (s):
, . ! -=  ; ; # @ % * []-   , . ! -=  ; ; # @ % * [] , . ! -=  ; ; # @ % * 

The colors look good together but the symbols don't mix well.
They look messy and the divider isn't giving off a vibe of "creativity".

Overall Rating:
The way I get the overall rating is by adding the rating of colmn header,
column lettering, divider and overall apperance and dividing it by 4-making it into a average. 

The colors were origional and went well together but there were too
many loose symbols (
, . ! -= ) and they really did not fit well with the
layout.  It was simple and the only thing it had going for it was the fader colors. 




# .4 :@:.<:--- Symbols & Combos
send in symbols/combos

To get: press ALT 168 (from Soker99999)
To get:     press ALT 2545
To get: press ALT 9865

F_F_ <-- from Sublime411 & F_F_F.



# .5 :@:.<:--- Zine Advice
send in your questions

Yesterday's Poll Question  
Why is it important to have a good layout?

The number one reason to have a great layout is that subscribers look
at that first.  Although you may have the most wonderful and interesting
content, when you don't have a good layout, your content is jumbled,
unorganized, and not pleasant to read.  I have gotten the first issues
of 'zines and unsubscribed when I don't like the layout.  I don't give the
editor a second chance, stay subscribed for a while, and see how it turns
out.  This may sound harsh, but to me, having a unorganized and uncreative
layout means that you are not organized and responsible enough to work
on everything in your 'zine as hard as you can.  Keep in mind that the things
that make up a 'zine are an editor, content, a layout, and subscribers.  If even
one of these parts of your 'zine is not its very best, then your 'zine isn't a true 'zine.

although its important, its not the most important thing. a good layout will
keep the reader attracted to the zine. although a really queer one will get his attention, it won't keep your subscribers around long enough. 



If you don't have a good layout your zine will be unlegible, and others
would not want to decipher the jumbled mess that is your zine.

It grabs the readers attention and make them curious to the content. If
it has a good layout/content your subscribers will tell other people and
you will get more subbys.

so the readers will like it and see that you've worked your ummmhmm... on it.. also, it will catch the readers' eyes and would read it

If you have a nice layout more people will be attracted you your zine

to keep your readers intrested in your zine. . .If you see the same thing
day after day, it getz boring

POLL: From now on do you guys want me to put the people's name on
the comments? yes or no

Today's Poll Question:
What makes zines so much fun to read and/or create?
Zines are so much fun cuz...

Editors' Questions
Yesterday's Question: How do you get on the white list?

i heard you call a certain number (duh) but how do you get it? well you
could type in the wrong password a few times then call the number
and request some info on the white list. hopefully you'll be transferred
not hung up on.

type in the wrong the password a few times when you sign into AOL. Then
call the number they give you. Follow the instructions and ask the operator about. Don't forget to tell them why you need to be on it. They also might
call it the Bulk E-mailing list.

Call AOL and tell them you're sending out a newsie! ;c)

Today's Editor Question
How do you change the link color?




# .6 :@:.<:--- Quick Tips
send in your zine tips

*:- K.I.T:
Keep In Touch.  Keep in touch with your subscribers.  No I don't mean,
e-mail them a letter every day.  I mean always have some kind of note in
the beginning of your newsletter to tell them what's with the zine, what
troubles your having, or how well everything's going. 

*:- Get in touch with other editors:
Get a few other editors on your buddy list and that way you can talk to
them about zine stuff anytime they're on.  Ask advice, give advice, have
fun. Maybe even chat in a chatroom.  Make sure you get a variety of ideas
for yout zine.  Keep an open mind.




# .7 :@:.<:--- Help Ads
send in help ads

Hi. I really am in NEED of a new
LAYOUT! If you know how to make
layouts or have your own Layout makin' business PLEASE contact
me. I will give you
5 of those cute cartoon dolls if I chose your layout
you make me! PLEASE!!! E-mail me , and send your layout!



# .8 :@:.<:--- HTML Tips
send in your HTML tips

You should create a zine website to get more subscribers, to
keep your zine alive and to always have someplace for the
subscribers to go when they are waiting for issues in their
mailbox.  Remember to keep it filled with interactive things. 




# .9 :@:.<:--- G2G- Got 2 Go
That's it for issue four.  So how are you guys liking the zine so far?
Does it suck? Do you want more columns? Do you want me
to improve the ones I have now? Send comments



E //         |            .You're a musician.  Or maybe
X //     
    |            .you just dream.   You need an
P //     
    |            .outlet, a place to vent.  That's
R //     
    |            .why  there  is  music.    Maybe
E //     
    |            .you're serious, maybe you just
S //     
    |            .listen. But if you've ever gotten
S //     
    |            .goosebumps  from  music that
I //     
    |            .was  just   too  right,  or  you've
O //     
    |            .written a song just because. . .
N //     
    |            .          don't be judged                


* U NS U B S C R I B E <<*-@-*>> *
C H A N G E S / N <<*-@-*>> *
S W A P  A D S  <<*-@-*>> *
Q's/ C O M M E N T S <<*-@-*>> *
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