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ISSUE Number THREE.............      
Feburary 8th, 2000..__
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::-|*|- 01. Editor's Entry *:-:* {-Editor's Note-}

I'm really glad everyone is envolving themselves with the zine. 
I hope that everyone takes the time to read it and is not just an
exess newsletter in their mailbox.  Tell me what you think

about the layout system, how it changes everyday. Also, bare
with me until I adjust to the daily zine thing.  You'll see what I mean in
Ad Relations 

:::-|*|- 02. Ad  Relations {-Ad Reviews/Revamps-}
Send in your ads! -> *:-:*

Sorry guys-I totally forgot to put a new ad in yesterday so I'd like you to review this ad: The snowbunny ad...


( Y )         ( Y )         ( Y )         ( Y )    
                                     (>';'<)      (>';'<)     (>';'<)      (>';'<)
   ("  )_(  ")  ("  )_(  ")  ("  )_(  ")   ("  )_(  ")
snowbunny magazine
we won't claim we're totally original, but
we try our best to get as close as we  
can, with kickin' editors 7 days a week,
each with their own individual flavour.   
bounce away
become an editor

*First issue comin' soon!*

:::-|*|- 03. Zine Layouts   {-Layout Reviews-}
Send in your layouts! -> *:-:*

Column header (s): *-->>Note From the Prez~ Angela


You Just Never Know
By:  Garnet212

I like the headers.  The colors go well together, but I really don't
think the different font on the title is nessessary.  Although the
headers are a tad bit boring I'm gonna give them a

Column lettering: "And I called the manager and he

Island, merely out of confusion.

I watched as Brian's plane landed.

The different fonts are not working for this newsletter. Too many
fonts are way too confusing.  I like how every story gets a different

Divider (s):




The dividers are simpole, but cute.  The colors go well with the layout
and they are somewhat origional. I'll give them a  

Overall Rating:
The way I get the overall rating is by adding the rating of colmn header,
column lettering, divider and overall apperance and dividing it by 4-making it into a average. 

I liked the colors of the zine but at times, it looked disorganzied.
The zine doesn't follow any pattern and that's not always good-in
this case, it isn't.  The colors, again, were good but the creator could
have made it more organized. 

::-|*|- 04. Symbols & Combos {-Symbols & Combos-}
Send in your symbols/combos! -> *:-:*

To get: press ALT 021456
To get:     press ALT 0216
To get: press ALT 2296

_______.  & ______

:::-|*|-  05. Zine Advice {-Zine Q & A's-}
Send in your questions! -> *:-:*

Yesterday's Poll Question
Why is it that so many people copy other people's layouts, designs, etc?

well, after realizing they cannot remove the rather large insect from
their anal crevice, they want everyone else to know it's there

I think people copy because they can't think of idea's of there own.
Either that or there to lazy to find there own stuff.

They copy because they can't think of their own ideas.

they are to lazy to come up with their own. wait that's being to
judgemental. they probably do it cuz they can't think of their own
and they think that copying is the best way to get a good layout and
the easiest way.

I thinks that they copy layouts because they like them.  I mean, imitation
is the highest form of flattery.  All though it can tick you off it's actually
a compliment. :)

they have no creativity and feel that the only way to gain creativity is
to copy other's creations.

Today's Poll Question
Why is it important to have a good layout?
It's important to have a good layout cuz...

Editors' Questions
Yesterday's Question: How do you get custom colors into e-mails?

I copy them from my AOL 3.0 folder. Or another way is if you have
Paint on your computer go there & get colors.

well either you have aol 3.0 or you do that HTML crap but what I  do is i
get my mom to e-mail me a bunch of custom colors off of her computer
at work. ;-) and then all i do is copy and paste.

Today's Editor Question
How do you get on the White list?

:::-|*|- 06. Quick Tips {-Zine Quick Tips-}
Send in your zine tips! -> *:-:*

*:- Always have an eye-appealing layout:
It has come to my attention  that most people do not even look at the content of the zine if the zine has a crappy layout.  Nothing can beat an awesome combination of colors and creative dividers, headers, etc. 
So your first priority for a zine is to have a great layout. 

*:- Always respect your subscribers:
Look, all you gotta do to keep subscribers is be a nice person and a
respectable editor.  Ok, not all but politness factors in.  So even if a
subscriber is getting at you about some minor error in your zine-reply
in a nice way.  It's not good to not reply at all-trust me.  Now some
subbiers can go too far, and no editor has to take that. 

:::-|*|- 07. Help  Ads {-zine help ads-}
Send in your questions! -> *:-:*


Need a person who can make Zine's! 
Please resond ASAP.



:::-|*|- 08. HTML T I P S *:-:* {-Website Tips-}

-- When creating a zine website the easiet way to start is with Geocities.com.
It has great add-on's and you dont even have to know a thing about HTML to start making a site. 

When using frames be sure to make the <target> tag set right. 

Ok, so this article was a little crappy, but I'm not exactlly sure what's gonna
be in this article.  Give me a couple days to figure it out. 



:::-|*|- 09. G2G -Got to go *:-:* {-Bye For Today-}

So how'd you like the issue? Like I said, lemme get adjusted to this daily zine thing-give it a few days- and I'll probably have a better organized zine. 


* W e  H a v e  W h a t  Y o u  C r a v e ! *

--All The Regular Girly Stuff
Plus The Real Issues!       
Gimme What I'm Craving!

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